P304i Melt Pressure indicator and P304c controller

בקר P304 של יורוטרם (Eurotherm piccolo) מציע שליטת PID מדויקת על טמפרטורה ותהליכים לענף הפלסטיקה ותהליכי אקסטרוזיה/
מהווה תחליף לבקר של Dynisco.

Eurotherm has launched the piccolo P304i Melt Pressure Indicator and P304c Controller. Monitoring and control of the pressure in plastics manufacture leads to higher-quality end product with lower scrap, and can prevent damage to machinery caused by overpressure conditions. Innovative Melt Pressure Indicator and Controller is suitable for extrusion and injection moulding in plastics processing
Compatible with industry standard probes and strain gauges including Dynisco, the P304 uses automatic standard shunt calibration procedures making it ideal for new installations and retrofit. It has been designed to monitor and automate the pressure of molten plastic being forced through a die or into a mould. Usually a screen is used to filter out impurities, and as these build up on the screen, the pressure needed to push plastic through increases. If not carefully monitored and controlled, this pressure can cause damage to equipment.
P304 combines the most advanced features for management of melt pressure of any instrument in its class with simplicity of use and a high-speed 50ms cycle time so that rapid changes in pressure can be monitored and dealt with

P304 Melt Pressure Indicator and Controller 

תכונות בקר טמפרטורה P304 :
איכות גבוהה ואמינות
Ramp-soak timer and soft start
חיסול Overshoot
הערכת שימוש באנרגיה
זיהוי תקלת חימום
Modbus תקשורת דיגיטלית 
Digital setpoint retransmission
Analogue retransmission
Simplified and customisable operator HMI
Wipedown front fascia
High visibility three colour LED display
Recovery point undo function
מתאם תצורה
אשף iTools

מידע נוסף על בקר טמפרטורה

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piccolo Controller P304 Specification Sheet
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P304c Melt Pressure Controller User Manual
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P304i Process Indicator User Manual
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P304i Melt Pressure indicator and P304c controller
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